What Are Non-Ferrous Metals?

Non-ferrous metals are metals that do not have iron as a component. While ferrous metals have iron as a major component, non-ferrous metals exist in the earth as chemical compounds. Sulfides and oxides are the most important non-ferrous metals. Alloys with copper as a component are commonly used in different applications and they include brass and bronze. Though these two alloys can be interchangeably used, they are different. 

What Are The Properties Of Non-ferrous Metals?

The lack of iron in these metals means that they are lighter and have high conductivity. They are not magnetic and are resistant to corrosion and rust. Non-ferrous metals are widely used in most industries including transport, packaging, construction, electricity, medical devices, electronics, aerospace, and mechanical engineering. 

What Are The Uses Of Non-ferrous Metals?

The most common non-ferrous metals are Aluminum, copper, and lead. Aluminum is a lightweight metal that is easily welded and machined to suit different applications. It is commonly used in making food cans, utensils, and aircraft. Copper is a good electricity conductor and its high ductility makes it a favorite in electrical applications. Lead possesses low tensile strength and low melting point thus a great metal for soldering, electrical cables, and battery manufacturing.

Recycling Non-ferrous Metals

There are a lot of non-ferrous metals handled in recycling plants every day. Non-ferrous metals can be recycled without compromising their properties and this is why these metals are widely recycled. Though some of the recycling processes are straightforward, the increased use of these metals in different applications has resulted in specialized recycling processes. Recycling non-ferrous metals is cheaper than the actual mining and processing of chemical elements into metals. The recycling process also saves energy, reduces pollution, and plays a great role in freeing up space and keeping the environment clean. This is why we have dedicated our resources to providing the best scrap metal and recycling services.